Best Served Cold

We are a small web design and development company based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Our work includes small business websites, mini-sites for corporate clients and our own ongoing projects as well as social media applications.

Web Design

Based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire we offer a complete and cost effective web design service for companies and individuals to get their businesses online. Best Served Cold provides fully accessible web sites designed and built by experienced web professionals, our clients are based throughout the UK not just in Hertfordshire. Since 2003 we have developed web sites for clients ranging from online brochures using WordPress to large, fully updateable online recruitment websites. We can do the following:

  • Web Design and Development
  • HTML/CSS including HTML5 and CSS3
  • PHP, MySQL and Javascript/JQuery
  • WordPress Development
  • Facebook Fan Pages and Applications
  • ECommerce and Social Marketing
  • and more...

All our designs are based on simplicity and accessibility and are coded to strict accessibility guidelines to ensure our clients get the best website they can. We have years of expertise in search engine optimisation, social networking and online marketing.

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Laravel Zend Search (Lucene)

So every big site needs some sort of search engine, normally something based on Lucene such as Elasticsearch or Solr, however, these need setting up separately to your web server stuff. The alternative is a Lucene implementation built entirely in PHP: ZendSearch. We set up a Laravel install and looked around for a ZendSearch package […]

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