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Clinical and Pharmaceutical Recruitment

This month we’ve launched a new site for one of our long term clients: CK Clinical. We first worked with CK Clinical in 2007 when we designed and built their first big website. Over the last two years the company has grown and is now experimenting with social networking tools to try and find new ways of recruiting in the clinical research arena.

With our knowledge of social networks and modern internet trends we were able to work with CK Clinical to design a new, clean website and link it all through Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

About CK Clinical:

CK Clinical was established in 2004 with the express aim of helping Clinical Research Scientists find jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. We are part of the CK Group of companies formed in 1991.

In 2009, CK Clinical are now a leading pharmaceutical recruitment company working with all of the leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Clinical Research companies offering more than just access to some of the best pharmaceutical jobs available but we also aim to make the job hunting and recruitment process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

View the CK Clinical website

The new site is built on WordPress CMS with a custom job search area and job listings that links through to YouTube, RSS feeds and Twitter.

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CK Healthcare launched

Just a couple of weeks ago we finished and launched the new CK Healthcare site.

We designed the site around the new branding for CK Healthcare, using the colours and fonts specified and linked it all through a WordPress front end with some extra code to allow for job search, applications and registration:

CK Healthcare is the new name in healthcare recruitment. Specialising in the recruitment of Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHP) and Health Service Scientists (HSS) to the NHS.

There’s still plenty of content to be added but the main site is up and running now. The site is a full content managed recruitment company site with job search, registrations and job applications.

CK Healthcare

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Pressitt newsrooms

We’ve been working on Pressitt continuously over the last few months and the latest update sees the release of our first social media newsroom:

If you’re not sure what a newsroom is, here’s an excerpt from Pressitt:

The Social Media News Room is a unique company landing page offering access to all of your multimedia news releases and developed to your specifications. It is a first touch for brands wanting to engage and participate with online communities, including journalists, bloggers, and even consumers researching your product or services.

We have lots more ideas in the pipeline for Pressitt, we’ll be talking about them in more detail soon!

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More for

A couple of weeks ago we launched an updated version of Get My Business On TV. We’ve added WordPress to the original site to give more flexibility and allow more frequent updates. There’s now a news section and areas for Testimonials, Jobs, Freebies and who’s searching for help in the TV world.

From the site:

Programme-makers are always on the look-out for products, services, locations and people for TV productions. We make the process of contacting them simpler and easier.

We aim to ensure no other service gets as many programme-makers and friendly businesses as close to each other as Get My Business on TV does.

So, if you’re interested in getting your business involved in TV, look no further than Get My Business On TV

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UK Lawn Care

Last week saw the launch of our latest client site: UK Lawn Care Network. We’ve been working with them for a couple of months to create a clean, simple to use directory with a CMS for lawn care articles and other helpful information for customers.

UK Lawn Care Network (UKLCN) has been established for a number of years and has helped lawn care companies around the UK to promote and market their businesses:

The UKLCN supports lawn care specialists who make enormous contributions to lawn care excellence and innovation in the UK. We supply our members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help them grow and prosper. And we provide a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences.

The UKLCN helps lawn carers to develop their business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, ideas and information. We give independent companies the support they need to keep their businesses growing.

UK Lawn Care Network

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100 Percent People – update

Over the last few months we’ve been updating the design and layout of 100 Percent People to give it a bit of a boost but more importantly we’ve moved the whole site over to some new platforms.

The original site was sitting on a bespoke .asp backend with community features and directory included. When we were asked to add a more funcional news system we added WordPress but the project budget didn’t extend to a complete overhaul.

Until now.

We took the .asp backend out and started again from scratch – importing the existing WordPress posts and pages to the new site, adding on a new directory system and linking up with KickApps for the community.

The rebuild has meant that a lot of backlinks were lost in the search engines and the site has had to start again to gain momentum and traffic but with WordPress pinging out new articles around the web and the community features of KickApps, things are moving on quickly. They are now getting new members every day and, with the increase in news postings and other articles, the hit rate across the site is slowly growing.

Some links to check out:

100% People – Health and Beauty
100% People – Help and Advice
100% People – Latest News

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Nice day for it!

Our latest client site is launched today – Lennox Rods.

Lennox produce travel fishing rods to the highest quality and will make a bespoke, hand crafted specialist fishing rod for any type of fishing you plan on doing – Trout, Salmon, Blue Water and others.

Lennox Rods

Liberate Media

Our latest site to go live is for a PR company based in Brighton: Liberate Media.

The site is a bespoke WordPress template and integration with the aim to show the company in a corporate but accessible and modern light. We hope you like it!

Liberate Media website

Midas Touch Securities

Another new website for a client. Introducing Midas Touch Securities, an international property consultancy where our distinct combination of specialist sector knowledge, entrepreneurial flair and unrelenting focus on emerging markets allows clients access to lucrative international real estate opportunity of the highest calibre.

Midas Touch Securities

Knights of Rhodes

No, it’s not a historical epic or even an all-action multi-player beat-em-up (although perhaps it should be). This is the name of our latest live site.

If you have a villa in Rhodes you’d like to let out or just thinking of changing your property managers, check them out:

Knights of Rhodes