Best Served Cold


Stressed? Pop some bubble wrap!

When you’re feeling stressed, what could be better than a piece of bubble wrap to pop? If you don’t have one, then how about some virtual bubble wrap!

Click here to get popping.

Try “Manic mode” for speedy stress relief.

Dog Judo

Yes, dog judo. Amazingly, it’s even better than you might imagine. If you have a few spare minutes go and watch one of the videos. I recommend “Coughercise” to start.

Dog Judo

That guy out of Scrubs

Well, you know that guy from Scrubs? Turns out he’s got this popular little blog going on where he talks about all kinds of things. It’s not updated that often but he keeps the new music up to date – worth a look if you liked the Garden State soundtrack

Zach Braff

The longest web page

This site is trying to make the longest web page in the world! With the use of neat graphics and art which are very creative, everyone can join in and submit their art.

Play a game

Bored? Click here and play a game. There are hundreds of them on

Are you an idiot?

Click here to try out the idiot test, simple, but fun.

Personalize even more…

If you use to show your favourite RSS feeds and news with Personalized Homepage you can now make it even prettier with inbuilt themes, I recommend Tearoom, it’s very calming! Personalize Google

Be safe

Take notice, take care and be safe now