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101 Best Board Games

If you think board games started with Monopoly and ended with Cluedo you’d be very wrong! Over the last 20 years there has been an enormous resurgence in board games, with the new games being highly developed, intelligent fun to play and often more strategic and less chance than those older games.

Because of this we’ve recently launched our latest “101 Best” site: 101 Best Board Games. It’s still being populated with games and information but we’ve made a few updates to the layout and blog so there’s more news and information on the site. We’ll be moving these new updates across the rest of the “101 Best” sites over the next few weeks.

Why not take a look at one of my favourite new board games: Stone Age.

Mr T and William Shatner

There are two new TV ads for World of Warcraft. They don’t make me want to play but they do make me realise how fantastic Mr T and William Shatner are.

Why isn’t Mr T on television anymore?

Now they just need to make some with the other members of the A-Team.

Paper Pilot

Make your own paper aeroplane and challenge your friends! Configure your design and practise to see how far your plane can fly.

Paper Pilot

Jelly Jumper

Here’s a cool way to get 20% of all LogiTech products, play the game, get to level 10, get the discount! Also a good way to chill out for 10 minutes of your day!

Jelly Jumper

Become Pavlov

Train Pavlov’s dog to react under the right conditions. Fills a couple of minutes in the day.

Become Pavlov

Quick, help save Fred!

If you only visit one site today, visit this one and save the life of a bunny!

Little Big Planet

This looks like the best reason so far to own a PS3: Little Big Planet (18 min video demo)