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Nylon Films and the Rambert Dance Company

Nylon Films are always working on interesting and unusual projects, their latest was to team up with the Rambert Dance Company to produce a short film about choreography:


From Nylon Films:

We dangled cameras from I-beams, “surfed” them on skate boards and even developed a dance or two of our own (albeit minus the grace and beauty ) while covering bits of the rehearsals with a steady cam…and then Dan Finnerty made all this fabulous footage come alive in post.

For those of you interested in the technical bits — we shot on Canon 5D’s, the Sony EX3, Flips, and Go Pros, the combination of which added to some dramatic moments in the edit, which was done with FCP, After Effects and Twixtor.


If you get a chance to see Deco at one of their upcoming gigs in December, it’s definitely worth it.

I saw them last night at a small venue in St Albans and was really impressed, they’ve definitely got something good going on.

Deco on myspace

Not great quality video, but you get the idea:

To give you some idea of the interest they’re generating, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) has said: “Nice bit of bass. Sounds good, that, I like that. It’s got a good atmosphere.” and “They’ve got something a bit unique.”

Upcoming gigs

03/12/07 – The Fly, London

21/12/07 – Dublin Castle, Camden

Definitely worth checking out.

Since I last saw them play live a few months ago their sound has tightened, the performance is more rounded and they really feel like a band going places.

The Police @ Madison Square Garden

The Police are still on tour! And, according to some of my friends, surprisingly good.

The big concert will no doubt be at Madison Square Garden, New York on October 31st but there are still tickets available for Paris, Boston, Atlantic City and Philadelphia amongst other cities.

Find tickets here

Flaming Lips

I’ve never been to a Flaming Lips concert but this video makes me want to go. How much fun does it look to roll over the audience in a giant bubble?

Check out his face at the end

Verve reunion

I know I’m about 3 days late with this news but it’s still a biggie. The Verve have announced a couple of live dates and that they’ve been in the studio recording some new tracks. This can only be good news…

Verve to reform

Best line up 2007?

Ok, so you want to go to a festival? You want to see Beastie Boys, Primal Scream, Chemical Brothers, DJ Yoda, Mr Scruff, 2 Many DJs..? You need Bestival: for all your dance, hip hop, DJ needs.

And the website is fantastic – check out the wizard tour.

Festival Bestival

Bjork goes on tour

It’s been a while but Bjork is releasing a new album and going on tour as well. Don’t miss out on your chance to see her live Bjork concert tickets