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Red Dwarf – series 10

After many rumors and speculation, it looks like a new full series of Red Dwarf, the cult comedy, has not only been confirmed and commissioned, but according to Danny John-Jules the first episode has been completed!

Apparently, Robert Llewellyn is trying to boycott the Range Rover’s that the producers have elected to use and is campaigning for an electric jeep, but luckily this hasn’t prevented him from showing up to shoot the program!

Let’s hope this series is as funny and quirky as we all remember and want them to be, or it will leave them all feeling like a bunch of smegheads!

Dear blank, please blank

I love finding these odd little sites, it makes me remember that the internet is all about creativity and freedom of expression – not just business and shopping…

Dear blank, please blank

Two of my favourites:

Dear Twilight Fans,
Thank you for making us look sane and well-adjusted.
Sincerely, Trekkies

Dear Great Tasting Foods,
Please stop being so fattening!
Sincerely, Everyone

Linguism and other updates

Everyone is turning into a blogoholic – even my Dad! Read his exciting language and news related word blog: Linguism.

Also, check out UK Temps if you haven’t already. It’s nearly ready to go live and it’s looking good!

Finally, another plug for one of our designs: 100% People are running a competition to get their forum kicking. Get over there to win!

A little bit of Fry…

If you haven’t already spotted it, Stephen Fry has been writing a blog. It’s honest, fun, interesting and each entry takes quite a bit of time to read.

Next time you have a spare ten minutes, I recommend you take a look:

Stephen Fry’s blog

Polaroid photography

I’ve just found some great pictures by Grant Hamilton on Flickr. Shot on Polaroid and then scanned in to create an amazing gallery.

There’s not much about the photographer sadly but there are quite a few galleries of his work – well worth checking out:

Grant Hamilton

going down?

anyone for a swim?

Happy face!

This is my favourite:

My favourite

Stop the bullets, kill the gun.

This you tube video was sent to us the other day, awe inspiring stuff. Part of a campaign, you watch a bullet pass through several objects before the climax.

Stop the Bullets, kill the gun.