Best Served Cold

Web design and development

We pride ourselves on producing high quality websites that fully conform to the highest web standards. Our sites are accessible and search engine friendly, making sure that all our sites have the best possible chance of succeeding where so many others fail.

The Party Times

The Party Times is a blog dedicated to parties. The contributors regularly write features on the best new trends in parties, new cake recipes and their own experiences with setting up parties and party planning. The blog is part of the Party Pieces website which sells everything you need for your own party.

We were contacted in 2010 to start working on a new layout and make updates to the site and since then we’ve been involved regularly with site changes and updates as The Party Times has expanded. The site is built on WordPress and we’ve used our experience with the platform to make it easier for the writers to add content and update the site.

East and North Herts NHS Trust

We’d been working with the East and North Herts NHS Trust for several months when we got the contract to completely re-design and update their website. Our brief was to design and build a very clean, simple and easy to use website that could be updated by the NHS Trust without needing constant editing and changing by us.

About the Trust

We provide a wide range of acute inpatient services including A&E and maternity at the Lister and QEII. We also provide outpatient care to people at Hertford County, the Lister and the QEII.

We run Mount Vernon, one of the country’s top 5 cancer treatment centres, which provides specialist tertiary chemotherapy and radiotherapy services.

The site is built using WordPress as the content management system with a number of plugins that have been edited to make to work specifically with the website.


Dioni is a small family run website that specialises in renting out high quality self-catering cottages in Snowdonia, Wales. They came to us looking for a well built and clean website that they could run themselves. It needed to include a full content management system for the cottages and allow them to update regularly with news and information about the local area.

Dioni self-catering cottages in Snowdonia

Nylon Films

Nylon Films is a video and stills production company based in London. We met Nylon through the recommendation of another client and worked closely with them to produce and develop a site to showcase their video and photography work.

Nylon films helps clients tell their unique stories through film, video, stills photography and other multimedia formats. Whether it’s corporate films or documentary films, training videos or music videos, viral ads or internet ads – we think the end product should always make for compelling viewing. Therefore, at the heart of all of our productions, you’ll find good storytelling and high production values; and, using state of the art technologies, we are able to provide these multimedia solutions cost-effectively.

We spent time with Nylon to discuss their social marketing plan and worked closely with them to integrate media from Vimeo and Flickr into their site. The use of social networks to promote websites is increasing and at Best Served Cold we try to encourage all our clients to get involved in this exciting new area of marketing.

Anchor House

Anchor House is a charity based in Canning Town, East London that works with local homeless people to help rehabilitate and integrate them back into society.

We were asked to create a modern, CMS based website that would be easy to update and also include various social media and networking links. Our design was worked around the idea of a London based charity, close to the river, using the Anchor House brand colour scheme as a base.

Anchor House

We set the site up to include YouTube video and links to Twitter and Facebook pages and using our own Pressitt website we also set up a social media news room for Anchor House to use.

CK Clinical

CK Clinical have been working with Best Served Cold for over 2 years and were one of our first clients. In 2009 they decided to revamp their website and came to us with an idea for a very clean, simple website that would be able to link in to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

CK Clinical

Over the last few months CK Clinical have been trying out new ways of recruitment using social networking tools and needed a site that was quick to update and easy to use. We suggested building the main body of the site in WordPress with a bespoke job search and listings area that we would add. Everything is now in place and CK Clinical is using the site and other social networking tools to change the way recruitment works.

Liberate Media

Liberate Media is a forward-thinking online PR consultancy embracing social media, focusing on the technology and digital industries. We were approached by Liberate Media to redesign their site into a content managed site using WordPress as a blogging / news software. The design had to be modern, clean and use the existing logo in the header.

Liberate Media

Our initial ideas involved using large photos to boost the Liberate brand and give the site a very modern and bright feel. We felt that their approach in PR towards the digital and online media needed a less corporate feel and more blog based website.

The final design came about through various use of colour and simplifying the nature of the site to include the essentials of what they wanted to say. The entire site is coded within WordPress, using various plugins and bespoke options for the extras on the site.


Pressitt allows you to create your own social media news release (SMNR) – also known as a social media press release (SMPR) or social media release (SMR), and publish it to an online community of journalists, the blogosphere and the general public.

Pressitt - Social Media News Release

Pressitt was the brainchild of the people at Liberate Media, they came to us after we had finished building their company website and suggested a partnership working on a new idea – the Social Media News Release. We thought this was an excellent idea and set to work creating a simple but effective release design and web app.

Throughout the build process we worked closely with Liberate Media to ensure the final site came up to their requirements and fitted in with the initial plan.

Pressitt - Social Media News Release

The site was launched in February 2009 under a Beta banner. We plan for a full launch in Spring 2009 with more features and improvements on existing SMNR applications.