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Flaming Lips

I’ve never been to a Flaming Lips concert but this video makes me want to go. How much fun does it look to roll over the audience in a giant bubble?

Check out his face at the end

Die Hard 4

Who wants to see the first 8 minutes of this film? Everyone! At least, everyone who has been waiting to see the fourth installment for the last year or two since it was announced.

Die Hard 4 preview

Verve reunion

I know I’m about 3 days late with this news but it’s still a biggie. The Verve have announced a couple of live dates and that they’ve been in the studio recording some new tracks. This can only be good news…

Verve to reform

Paper Pilot

Make your own paper aeroplane and challenge your friends! Configure your design and practise to see how far your plane can fly.

Paper Pilot