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Future of Web Design

Now, I just need to find a way to get to New York in November!

“The Future of Web Design is all about getting together leading practitioners and thinkers in the design field to talk about trends, directions and exciting new happenings in the medium. This isn’t just another web event, but one that’s dedicated to the creativity in the profession, bringing back the ‘design’ and drawing together the diverse fields that doing ‘web design’ now represents.”


What is 11808?

Anything that J J Abrams gets involved with always gets a lot of internet hype and this is no exception. The film is codenamed Cloverfield and the trailer is looking very good!

Cloverfield trailers


The Simpsons movie is just around the corner and 7-11 in the states has converted 10 or so of it’s stores to Kwik-E-Marts. It looks as though they’ve done a fantastic job – I want a pack of KrustyOs! check out the photoset on FlickR.

7-11 / Kwik-E-Mart photoset

Thankyou, please come again.