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11808 – Cloverfield update

Since I wrote the original news item linking through to the trailers we’ve had thousands of visits from people wanting to know more. So, here is a more complete story with the original trailer after the jump.

For those that don’t know, 11808 is the release date of the science fiction / monster movie, from producer J J Abrams, also known as Cloverfield.

Official site

The story so far:

Following the success of the Transformers viral campaign, Paramount decided to release the original trailer well before the release of the movie to create hype. It worked!

Lots of small, apparently interlinked, websites emerged soon after with supposed hints about the film (in a similar way to Abrams other big project Lost) most of these small sites have been revealed as fakes as Abrams himself stated “while a number of websites were being developed to market the film, the only official site that had been found was”

The trailer:

So far, that’s about all the information there is about the film.

Rumours we probably shouldn’t believe: It’s a Godzilla type film. There are Raptors like in Jurassic Park. It’s all shot on handheld / camera phones.

Fact: It’s not called “Monstrous”. There’s something in it related to “Slusho!” (whatever that might be…) – you can’t drink just 6!

Official trailer at

Polaroid photography

I’ve just found some great pictures by Grant Hamilton on Flickr. Shot on Polaroid and then scanned in to create an amazing gallery.

There’s not much about the photographer sadly but there are quite a few galleries of his work – well worth checking out:

Grant Hamilton

going down?

anyone for a swim?

Happy face!

This is my favourite:

My favourite

Stop the bullets, kill the gun.

This you tube video was sent to us the other day, awe inspiring stuff. Part of a campaign, you watch a bullet pass through several objects before the climax.

Stop the Bullets, kill the gun.

Medical Trials

It’s slightly controversial but we’ve been working on a new medical trials website for a partner company: MedTrials. The new-look site is up and running with a new blog and a new forum.

Check it out and join the community!

Medical and Clinical Trials

DeLorean comes back…

…to the future?

According to the BBC DeLorean are considering starting a limited run of 20-25 cars a year of the classic car:

“There are guys who were in their teens when they first saw the movie, who are now in their late 30s or early 40s, who are at that point in life when they can get the car they wanted when they were a kid.”

I want one!