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Hertfordshire Web Sites

Over the last 4 years, Best Served Cold have produced many sites nationally, internationally and locally within Hertfordshire for companies within Letchworth Garden City, Stevenage, Watford as well as many others. Contact us to find out more, we can offer you an entire scope of web design and web development. Click here to find out more.

100% People

We’ve just uploaded our latest re-design for a client site: 100% People.

“Are you perfect? No? Me neither! 100% People was created to cater for the needs of real individuals.”

The finishing touches are still being applied so if you see any issues please let us know!

100% People

Flight of the Conchords

I’ve just watched the first episode of “Flight of the Conchords” who, until last week, I’d never heard of.

A musical folk parody duo from New Zealand they now have their own sitcom, based in New York, and very funny it is too. Here in the UK it’s just started so you’ll have plenty of time for the repeats. In the US the first season is probably over.

Official HBO site

The comedy is hard to explain. It’s a classic sitcom with the main characters playing themselves albeit in a slightly unreal situation. With elements of Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office and newer British comedies like Peepshow mixed together with musical interludes that actually add to the plot (and are funny as well) this is definitely something to watch out for.

Apparently I’ve managed to miss them on BBC Radio 2 and on various comedy shows but I did catch an HBO special, shown on BBC 4 as an introduction to their new sitcom. This is one of the songs from the live special:

Tate or the Tower?

It turns out that the UK has become a nation of art lovers. Over the last year (since April 2006) visitor numbers to the Tate galleries has only been beaten by Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Of the 7.7 million combined visitors to the Tate Galleries (two in London, one in St Ives and one in Liverpool) over 5 million went to the Tate Modern on the South Bank.

Have a look at what’s on at the Tate Modern

Read the full article

Dog Judo

Yes, dog judo. Amazingly, it’s even better than you might imagine. If you have a few spare minutes go and watch one of the videos. I recommend “Coughercise” to start.

Dog Judo

Heroes returns September 24th

Well, it does in the US. Here in the UK we’ll be waiting another 6 months before it reappears, legally anyway. So if you can’t quite wait another 5 days there’s plenty to catch up on and review before the season premiere.

The un/official Heroes fansite – Everything you need to keep up with Heroes.

The NBC mini-site – Including online comics to go in depth on side stories.

Embedding PHP in SSJS pages

Probably not required by many, but I was working on a site recently which had been built totally in Server Side JavaScript (SSJS). It took me about an hour to work what SSJS is to begin with! But it appears that Server-side JavaScript refers to JavaScript that executes on the server rather than client side JavaScript (CSJS). Quite old and not used frequently, the first implementation was Netscape’s LiveWire which was used in the Enterprise Server 2.0 released in 1996.

The key advantage of this setup is for asynchronous interaction with the server (AJAX), however ASP and PHP can handle this type of interaction sufficiently now-a-days.

The client I was working for had most of their system set up in SSJS, but had a WordPress implementation on the same server using PHP and the client wanted to display their articles on their pages. So the issue I had was using two languages in the same page. After a day of fiddling around and working out the syntax of SSJS, I came up with this:

<% Response.Buffer = true ; var objXMLhttp = Server.CreateObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP') ; var URL = "" ; objXMLhttp.Open("GET", URL, false) ; objXMLhttp.Send() ; if (objXMLhttp.status != 200) { // fire some sort of error exception } else { Response.Write(objXMLhttp.responseText) ; } %>

To briefly explain, using XMLHTTP, we create an object using the URL reference, if there’s an error (..status != 200), spit something out, otherwise display the content. You could of course close the object at the end of the script for good measure.
So you can call in any PHP or ASP file and plonk it in your SSJS page. You could of course do the same thing with a little JavaScript, but that wouldn’t show up in the source code of the page and would be very bad SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The Police @ Madison Square Garden

The Police are still on tour! And, according to some of my friends, surprisingly good.

The big concert will no doubt be at Madison Square Garden, New York on October 31st but there are still tickets available for Paris, Boston, Atlantic City and Philadelphia amongst other cities.

Find tickets here