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Build a Web App in 48 hours? Update!

Can you build an entire Web App in 48 hours?

We are going to try and find out!

Looking around at CSS showcase sites recently, we decided that there’s room for a more usable, functional website which takes into consideration the needs of the modern web designer/developer.

Our plan is to split out the categories into meaningful segments, such as AJAX websites, Design sites, etc, but with a difference, the top ranked website by our readers won’t be at the top of the page, the 101st website will be! This way, up and coming websites can get a look in and start building up their popularity.

The only two problems we have in developing this project are:

  • No money
  • No time

With that in mind, we’ve blanked out a weekend in our calendar: 10am-10pm Saturday the 12th July 2nd August 2008 and Sunday 13th July 3rd August 2008. One backend developer, one frontend developer working simultaneously on the project with targets set for every two hours, we’re going to see if we can build an entire web application in just two days!

We’re planning on using CodeIgniter as our frame work, on a LAMP system, possibly with WordPress to write a blog every two hours detailing our plans and progress.

Watch this space for more details and to see if we can do it!

*Edit: Due to a technical difficulty we didn’t actually get round to building the web app on the 12th/13th July… But we have replanned our diaries and this weekend is the weekend!

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Best Served Cold Rate Card

Standard rate: £50 per hour (excluding VAT)

Note: The standard rate is for all work (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, design etc.) we undertake in-house. Some specialised work, such as Flash, may cost more due to the need to outsource to a third-party developer.

Onsite consultancy and SEO/Accessibility review: £80 per hour (excluding VAT)

Onsite daily rate: £500 (excluding VAT) – Standard office hours

Hosting: £50 per month (excluding VAT)

Note: The monthly hosting fee includes

  • Ongoing administration of 1 hour (any minor changes to the site)
  • Google analytics
  • 200 MBit pipe
  • 10 GB traffic
  • Unlimited email accounts of up to 2GB each
  • Other ongoing SEO ( submission to directories, search engine sitemaps, etc)

Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day – the first part is up now with part two and three later this week. Don’t miss it!

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