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Liberate Media

Liberate Media is a forward-thinking online PR consultancy embracing social media, focusing on the technology and digital industries. We were approached by Liberate Media to redesign their site into a content managed site using WordPress as a blogging / news software. The design had to be modern, clean and use the existing logo in the header.

Liberate Media

Our initial ideas involved using large photos to boost the Liberate brand and give the site a very modern and bright feel. We felt that their approach in PR towards the digital and online media needed a less corporate feel and more blog based website.

The final design came about through various use of colour and simplifying the nature of the site to include the essentials of what they wanted to say. The entire site is coded within WordPress, using various plugins and bespoke options for the extras on the site.

101 Best Websites

We started 101 Best Websites as a basic idea in early 2008. We wanted to create the ultimate design and web standards showcase site – easy to use, fully featured, functional, well designed. It stayed as that idea for almost 6 months.

Finally, in July we decided that enough was enough and we had to do something about the site. That’s when the idea for “Build a web app in 48 hours” came to us. We set aside a weekend in August 2008 to finalise the design, code the templates and build the initial application. View the blogs we wrote at the time.

The site itself still isn’t finished, we have so many more ideas than we have time to code them! But the site is now one of the top CSS showcase sites with over 500 visitors (2,500 pageviews) a day – and that’s growing steadily, by the time you read this it’s probably going to be nearer 1,000 visitors a day. The site has surpassed our initial expectations and we hope to be spending another couple of weekends this summer to get all the little extras added. We’re currently asking for new ideas for the site and how our visitors would improve the experience, add your comments about 101 Best Websites.

In 6 months we’ve had over 800 websites submitted to us and over 32,000 votes on the site. We accept submissions of high quality CSS/xHTML, Javascript and Flash websites. The voting system gives everyone a chance to have their say on what should appear in the top 101 sites for each category and tag. Over the next few months we’ll be adding a more in depth comment system and “friends lists” with the ability to save your own top 101 sites.


Pressitt allows you to create your own social media news release (SMNR) – also known as a social media press release (SMPR) or social media release (SMR), and publish it to an online community of journalists, the blogosphere and the general public.

Pressitt - Social Media News Release

Pressitt was the brainchild of the people at Liberate Media, they came to us after we had finished building their company website and suggested a partnership working on a new idea – the Social Media News Release. We thought this was an excellent idea and set to work creating a simple but effective release design and web app.

Throughout the build process we worked closely with Liberate Media to ensure the final site came up to their requirements and fitted in with the initial plan.

Pressitt - Social Media News Release

The site was launched in February 2009 under a Beta banner. We plan for a full launch in Spring 2009 with more features and improvements on existing SMNR applications.

100 Percent People – update

Over the last few months we’ve been updating the design and layout of 100 Percent People to give it a bit of a boost but more importantly we’ve moved the whole site over to some new platforms.

The original site was sitting on a bespoke .asp backend with community features and directory included. When we were asked to add a more funcional news system we added WordPress but the project budget didn’t extend to a complete overhaul.

Until now.

We took the .asp backend out and started again from scratch – importing the existing WordPress posts and pages to the new site, adding on a new directory system and linking up with KickApps for the community.

The rebuild has meant that a lot of backlinks were lost in the search engines and the site has had to start again to gain momentum and traffic but with WordPress pinging out new articles around the web and the community features of KickApps, things are moving on quickly. They are now getting new members every day and, with the increase in news postings and other articles, the hit rate across the site is slowly growing.

Some links to check out:

100% People – Health and Beauty
100% People – Help and Advice
100% People – Latest News

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Pressitt – Social Media News Releases

or SMNRs are the next big thing and we’ve got in at the start with a collaboration with Liberate Media:

We’ve just taken it into private beta release for testing – you can register to find out more but we’re only allowing a small number of users for the first couple of weeks while we make sure everything is working correctly.

There’ll be more information coming soon… watch this space!

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101 Best Websites

We launched 101 Best Websites last summer and since then we’ve had an amazing response. The last few weeks in particular has seen traffic grow consistently – in January we had 7,756 visits and 37,374 pageviews. And February looks to be even better!

Thanks to everyone who’s been to check out the site and all those who have submitted and voted for their favourite CSS, Flash and Javascript based websites.

101 Best Websites