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101 Best Twitter Apps

After using twitter for some time now in our work, we often found it hard to work out what was the best application for each purpose. There are a wealth of apps and widgets out there for your desktop, browser and phone, but which is the best?

We created 101 Best Twitter Apps exactly for that reason! Here you can submit, vote and see what others thought of the apps you are going to use. See an ordered list of what others have voted on and submit your vote for the applications that you have been using.

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CK Clinical

CK Clinical have been working with Best Served Cold for over 2 years and were one of our first clients. In 2009 they decided to revamp their website and came to us with an idea for a very clean, simple website that would be able to link in to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

CK Clinical

Over the last few months CK Clinical have been trying out new ways of recruitment using social networking tools and needed a site that was quick to update and easy to use. We suggested building the main body of the site in WordPress with a bespoke job search and listings area that we would add. Everything is now in place and CK Clinical is using the site and other social networking tools to change the way recruitment works.

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Recruitment

This month we’ve launched a new site for one of our long term clients: CK Clinical. We first worked with CK Clinical in 2007 when we designed and built their first big website. Over the last two years the company has grown and is now experimenting with social networking tools to try and find new ways of recruiting in the clinical research arena.

With our knowledge of social networks and modern internet trends we were able to work with CK Clinical to design a new, clean website and link it all through Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

About CK Clinical:

CK Clinical was established in 2004 with the express aim of helping Clinical Research Scientists find jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. We are part of the CK Group of companies formed in 1991.

In 2009, CK Clinical are now a leading pharmaceutical recruitment company working with all of the leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Clinical Research companies offering more than just access to some of the best pharmaceutical jobs available but we also aim to make the job hunting and recruitment process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

View the CK Clinical website

The new site is built on WordPress CMS with a custom job search area and job listings that links through to YouTube, RSS feeds and Twitter.

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