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Wanted: Web developer for Pressitt

Pressitt the Social Media News Release service is searching for a talented web developer to learn the Pressitt system and help develop the platform further.

If the first project goes well there is plenty more updates/concepts/user feedback to be integrated into the current platform.

The Role: freelance/short term

To develop and improve on a freelance basis or short term contract, as and when required.

Working closely with our lead developer and front end coder, you’ll be responsible for coding various parts of the site, including bespoke and custom newsrooms from basic php functions within Code Igniter down to in-depth classes.

Built on Codeigniter, Pressitt is a fully featured site with combined client-side and server-side technologies allowing users to create rich and detailed news releases.

Required Skills

  • Object Orientated Programming
  • Model View Controller/Frameworks
  • Linux Systems Administration
  • Content Management Systems
  • Social Networking (Web)
  • Internet usability
  • Accessibility (Web)
  • Front end coding and javascript

Required Products

  • Codeigniter
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • LAMP
  • WordPress (not essential)
  • Zend Eclipse (not essential)

So, if you can deliver on the above, live preferably near London/the South East, are hard working and able to work to strict schedules, please get in touch via email at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you Linkedin?

When you think of social networks there’s one that often gets overlooked: Linkedin is a business network that allows users to set up profiles, add pictures, talk to each other, link to like minded and similar business people and then network with them. So is Linkedin a social network like Facebook or MySpace? Yes, sort of. The main difference is the demographics and the fact that looking at Linkedin at work may be considered good but playing with Facebook isn’t something you want your boss to see!

At a very simple level you can think of Linkedin as “six degrees of seperation” for business people.

With over 50m users worldwide Linkedin isn’t as big as Facebook yet but the demographics of its users makes for quite interesting reading:

Average Age: 41
Household Income: $109,703
Male: 64%
Household Income $100k+ 53.5%
Own Smartphone/PDA: 34%
College Grad/Post Grad: 80.1%
Business Decision Maker: 49%
EVP/SVP/VP: 6.5%
24% Have a Portfolio Value of $250k+
Job Titles:

  • C-Level Executives 7.8%
  • EVP/SVP 6.5%
  • Senior Management 16%
  • Middle Management 18%

50% Are Business Decision Makers in Their Companies

Why should you be on Linkedin?

There are a lot of companies and business executives on Linkedin, it’s a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and you can join groups to talk about your business interests and what might be affecting your current and future work plans.

If you’re a freelancer or contractor you can use Linkedin to promote your services. Spend a little time talking to people in your area of expertise they might want to hire you.

By using your profile and contacts wisely you can use Linkedin to find a new job and talk to prospective clients – wherever they are in the world. You can also find out about companies and talk to existing employees to check out what your next job might be like…

LinkedIn allows you to:

  • Get online recommendations for your professional abilities and your character
  • Get introductions to potential employers or colleagues in your field
  • Search available job postings placed on the LinkedIn website by members. While you can also search the web for jobs through LinkedIn, the big benefit is that many job posts are exclusive to LinkedIn: They aren’t advertised elsewhere. Those postings often have a requirement that you have one or more LinkedIn recommendations. Additionally, there is a chance that someone within your LinkedIn network already works there or knows someone who does, giving you a big foot in the door for an interview.
  • Join various groups that align with your interests and participate in discussions. Having a group in common with another LinkedIn user is one way you can invite others into your network. Each group discussion contains its own job listings.
  • Create an online resume that can work for you all the time. LinkedIn allows hiring companies and recruiters to search for professionals who might fit their criteria.

We have a company profile on Linkedin: Best Served Cold on Linkedin

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Dear blank, please blank

I love finding these odd little sites, it makes me remember that the internet is all about creativity and freedom of expression – not just business and shopping…

Dear blank, please blank

Two of my favourites:

Dear Twilight Fans,
Thank you for making us look sane and well-adjusted.
Sincerely, Trekkies

Dear Great Tasting Foods,
Please stop being so fattening!
Sincerely, Everyone



On tonight’s IT Crowd, Moss uses a word in countdown:


Used in context:

“Good morning, that’s a nice Tnetennba”

After some research, it appears that it’s not actually a word at all!  Been looking all week and can’t find a real reference to it other than what people have made up.

According to one source, it could mean:

Tnetennba – []
– noun

A word whose function is purely to attract traffic to a website; a gratuitously used keyword whose presence is aimed at attracting the search engines attention and improving the website’s placement in search results.

But we’re not convinced…

It’s certainly nowhere to be found in the dictionary, but there is a facebook page already in place to try to get it there!  I think if it’s officially printed a whole bunch of times then it can officially become a word so there’s hope yet!

If anyone has any more info, post some comments and we can find the true meaning of Tnetennba!

Click here to view the clip on Channel 4

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