Best Served Cold


If you get a chance to see Deco at one of their upcoming gigs in December, it’s definitely worth it.

I saw them last night at a small venue in St Albans and was really impressed, they’ve definitely got something good going on.

Deco on myspace

Not great quality video, but you get the idea:

To give you some idea of the interest they’re generating, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) has said: “Nice bit of bass. Sounds good, that, I like that. It’s got a good atmosphere.” and “They’ve got something a bit unique.”

Upcoming gigs

03/12/07 – The Fly, London

21/12/07 – Dublin Castle, Camden

Definitely worth checking out.

Since I last saw them play live a few months ago their sound has tightened, the performance is more rounded and they really feel like a band going places.

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