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Web design and development

We pride ourselves on producing high quality websites that fully conform to the highest web standards. Our sites are accessible and search engine friendly, making sure that all our sites have the best possible chance of succeeding where so many others fail.

101 Best Websites

We started 101 Best Websites as a basic idea in early 2008. We wanted to create the ultimate design and web standards showcase site – easy to use, fully featured, functional, well designed. It stayed as that idea for almost 6 months.

Finally, in July we decided that enough was enough and we had to do something about the site. That’s when the idea for “Build a web app in 48 hours” came to us. We set aside a weekend in August 2008 to finalise the design, code the templates and build the initial application. View the blogs we wrote at the time.

The site itself still isn’t finished, we have so many more ideas than we have time to code them! But the site is now one of the top CSS showcase sites with over 500 visitors (2,500 pageviews) a day – and that’s growing steadily, by the time you read this it’s probably going to be nearer 1,000 visitors a day. The site has surpassed our initial expectations and we hope to be spending another couple of weekends this summer to get all the little extras added. We’re currently asking for new ideas for the site and how our visitors would improve the experience, add your comments about 101 Best Websites.

In 6 months we’ve had over 800 websites submitted to us and over 32,000 votes on the site. We accept submissions of high quality CSS/xHTML, Javascript and Flash websites. The voting system gives everyone a chance to have their say on what should appear in the top 101 sites for each category and tag. Over the next few months we’ll be adding a more in depth comment system and “friends lists” with the ability to save your own top 101 sites.