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Apps Jobs – Application Developer Jobs

At Best Served Cold we’ve been working on a lot of our own projects for a while – the “101 best” sites are always growing and our latest venture has come about because of that: We realised that with the introduction of all these app stores for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android there’s suddenly a massive need for mobile and social application developers and so we built Apps Jobs.

From the site:

Do you need a developer to build an application for you? Apps Jobs is part of the 101 group of websites which get over 1 million page views a month and 300,000 visitors! With that kind of interest, you’ll know that your advert is getting to the right people.

One of the first places that developers are going to go to when they’ve finished their current iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry or twitter application is somewhere they can showcase it, and then on to find a new job, all on the same page!

By running Apps Jobs as part of the 101 sites we’re able to use the momentum of all the visitors we get to those sites to push the popularity of Apps Jobs. We currently receive over 500,000 pageviews every month across our 101 portfolio! So, if you’re trying to find a high quality mobile application developer for your new iPhone or Android app or if you’re a developer who can programme Blackberry or Facebook applications and you’re looking for a job, check out the site!

Mobile Application Developer Jobs

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101 Best Blackberry Apps

Following on from the success of 101 Best Android Apps, we decided to take the idea to the next step and so we built 101 Best Blackberry Apps. The idea is simple, we ask people to submit and rate applications for the Blackberry smartphone.

What started out as an idea for rating the best websites has proved itself to work just as well across multiple formats, the 101 Best Blackberry Apps site is just the latest in a line of sites that we continue to work on and improve whenever we have spare time between our client work.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for future developments, as we’re always ready to improve and update things.

101 Best Android Apps

After the success of 101 Best Websites we started thinking about other ideas that could utilise the same functions and similar layout. One of our first ideas was 101 Best Android Apps – a gallery of mobile applications for the Android mobile OS from Google.

If you’re unsure what Android actually is, we wrote a post about it: So, what is Android?.

How to make a iPhone App

Ever wondered how to make an iPhone Application?

Well so did we! Having never really even used a Mac, this is going to be some challenge!

Check out the 101 iPhone Apps Blog for more information