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The Concrete Jungle Book

Nylon Films has recently produced a new video trailer for a graphic novel “The Concrete Jungle Book”.

Using a variety of techniques, london based Nylon Films has created a video that brings to life the strange, compelling reality of the new graphic novel, The Concrete Jungle Book.

Original artwork from the book was animated and blended with newly shot video and stills of urban landscapes and scrapbook making. Live animal archive was rotoscoped, then transformed with the software program ToonIt before being added to the video mix and choreographed to a hard-driving, original music track.

It’s made us look twice as we drive past billboards and office towers — is that a leopard leaping out at us…or a bear on its hind legs. As the video says, the city is, after all “just the jungle in disguise.”


Nylon films helps clients tell their unique stories through film, video, stills photography and other multimedia formats. Whether it’s corporate films or documentary films, training videos or music videos, viral ads or internet ads – we think the end product should always make for compelling viewing.

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