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UK Lawn Care

Last week saw the launch of our latest client site: UK Lawn Care Network. We’ve been working with them for a couple of months to create a clean, simple to use directory with a CMS for lawn care articles and other helpful information for customers.

UK Lawn Care Network (UKLCN) has been established for a number of years and has helped lawn care companies around the UK to promote and market their businesses:

The UKLCN supports lawn care specialists who make enormous contributions to lawn care excellence and innovation in the UK. We supply our members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help them grow and prosper. And we provide a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences.

The UKLCN helps lawn carers to develop their business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, ideas and information. We give independent companies the support they need to keep their businesses growing.

UK Lawn Care Network