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We pride ourselves on producing high quality websites that fully conform to the highest web standards. Our sites are accessible and search engine friendly, making sure that all our sites have the best possible chance of succeeding where so many others fail.

101 reaches 100,000 visitors

After 11 months we’ve hit a milestone with our CSS and Flash design showcase site: 101 Best Websites. Launched after a weekend in July last year we’ve continued to work on and push the site and we’re very happy with the results.

Last week we crossed the 100,000 visitor mark which translates into 500,000 pageviews.  With the site currently growing visitor numbers at about 15% month on month we should hit 250,000 visitors in just another 6 months!

Over the next few weeks we have a few more 101 Best branded sites to launch, we’re hoping to continue our success across several new categories… Watch this space!