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100 Percent People – update

Over the last few months we’ve been updating the design and layout of 100 Percent People to give it a bit of a boost but more importantly we’ve moved the whole site over to some new platforms.

The original site was sitting on a bespoke .asp backend with community features and directory included. When we were asked to add a more funcional news system we added WordPress but the project budget didn’t extend to a complete overhaul.

Until now.

We took the .asp backend out and started again from scratch – importing the existing WordPress posts and pages to the new site, adding on a new directory system and linking up with KickApps for the community.

The rebuild has meant that a lot of backlinks were lost in the search engines and the site has had to start again to gain momentum and traffic but with WordPress pinging out new articles around the web and the community features of KickApps, things are moving on quickly. They are now getting new members every day and, with the increase in news postings and other articles, the hit rate across the site is slowly growing.

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