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As you might be aware, we’re big fans of the IT Crowd (see our Tnetennba post) and also of quirky indie movies. So we’re getting quite excited by the new film “Submarine” directed by Richard Ayoade.

From the trailer it feels like the best of a Wes Anderson movie crossed with Sophia Coppola – but with a touch of dark British humour. The film was shown a few weeks ago at the Sundance festival and received some excellent reviews and should be released in the UK on 18th March 2011.

See the trailer:


Some things I didn’t realise about Richard Ayoade, he’s already a well known music video director and has worked closely with the Artic Monkeys, directing their “The Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo” feature. View Richard Ayoade’s IMDB profile.


On tonight’s IT Crowd, Moss uses a word in countdown:


Used in context:

“Good morning, that’s a nice Tnetennba”

After some research, it appears that it’s not actually a word at all!  Been looking all week and can’t find a real reference to it other than what people have made up.

According to one source, it could mean:

Tnetennba – []
– noun

A word whose function is purely to attract traffic to a website; a gratuitously used keyword whose presence is aimed at attracting the search engines attention and improving the website’s placement in search results.

But we’re not convinced…

It’s certainly nowhere to be found in the dictionary, but there is a facebook page already in place to try to get it there!  I think if it’s officially printed a whole bunch of times then it can officially become a word so there’s hope yet!

If anyone has any more info, post some comments and we can find the true meaning of Tnetennba!

Click here to view the clip on Channel 4